Traffic light signs on vehicles

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Every day we see the cars on the street who have a variety of signs, such as:
- Disabled person on the board;
- Baby on the board;
- Keeps the distance, etc.

Why can not we have a sign for all in one. And these signs will be indeed the signs that will really warn us of the actual situation. Every day, we have a vehicles with many signs, but the drivers are some other person, or the child is not currently in the vehicle or similar - signs do not represent the real state.

If we will have a light sign, that we can activate as a driver only when we want and when we really need it. I would think that road safety will be much higher, and therefore we would have had more confidence in the signs on the vehicles.

For this idea, we can use a transparent display like:

Or cheaper version, small LED display as one or multicolor: