Rahle as Holy Quran covers

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All Muslims around the world are trying to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu aleyhi ve sallam and try to read the Holy Quran everyday.

For easier reading and following the reciters/Qaris we use rahle.

For easy reading and following qariah we use rahleRahle is traditional instrument that can be found in many, many different designs, sizes, colors, ... as you we see on the following pictures:

 My idea is to use rahle as cover of the Holy Quran like on the following pictures:


First I made a prototype out of plastic, but the plastic is not good. Very fast and easy to break. I do not want to share these images with you.

I made a new pritotip of cardboard, which is not ideal, but it is good to show what was going on. I hope that these images show more details about this idea.

OK, one more, a new idea. Much better, more convenient and easier to use.