PHP Developer in International Burch University

Volunteer Activist in non-government, non-profit Organization for safe and protect Children DjeCa


Java Developer in AtlantBH d.o.o.

C/C++ Developer in Hermes SoftLab d.o.o.

Software Engineer and System Administrator in Limes d.o.o.

Mechanical Engineer and Software Engineer in Unis Pretis NIS d.d.

Software Engineer and System Administrator in Lemna d.o.o.

President of the Student organization on the Mechanical Faculty

Member of the Islamic organization "Omladina Islamske zajednice u Bosni i Hercegovini"

Agriculture and Mehanics in family (from Father)



Mechanical Faculty, Department for engine and vehicle with engine.


High school for Civil Engineering

Elementary school

English course

SLES 10 training

Theretical and practical knowlege of agriculture and the mechanics I got from my Father


Information tehnology:

Programming language:

C - excellent

C++ - very good

Java - very good

Script and Hyper text language:

HTML - excellent

PHP - excellent

Perl - very good

Bash - excellent

Action Script - very good

CSS - excellent


MySQL - excellent

PostgreSQL - excellent

MSSQL - good

HBase - good

Applicative software:

Open Office - very good

MS Office - very good

Corel Draw - very good/excellent

Inkscape - very good/excellent

Gimp - good

Total Commander - excellent

Midnight Commander - excellent

AutoCAD 2D - excellent

AutoCAD 3D - very good

NX Unigraphics - good

MathCad - excellent

Developing software

KDevelop - excellent

Microsoft Visual Studio - very good/excellent

Borland Delphi - very good/excellent

Borland C++ - excellent

Eclipse - very good/excellent

Quanta - excellent

KWrite - excellent

Kate - excellent

Notepad++ - excellent


Cluster tehnology on Windows and Linux/Unix OS like as: Native Windows Cluster (All Versions, include latest Hyper-V tehnology), RedHat native Cluster, SLES native Cluster (Both version), HP Service guard on Linux/Unix OS.

Windows (All versions), Linux (RHEL, SLES, *buntu), HP-UX, Solaris system administration

VMWare/ESX slutions:

Source control tehnology administration like as ClearCase and SVN

Domain Controlers (*nix, Windows)

Storage sistems

Code analysis - Parasoft

Active joomla user

Quality analysis

GIS Tehnology

GPS Tehnology

Tracking Tehnology

Mechanical engineering:

Civil Engineering:

Welding - basic

Construct - very good/excellent

Car mechanic - good/very good

Fluid mechanic - good/very good

Engineering thermodynamics - good/very good

Military Engineering:

Liquid Rocket engine - very good/excellent

Artillery Ammunition - very good/excellent


Driving of agricultural machinery (such as tractors, harvesters, etc.) - excellent

Growing crops, potatos, cabbages, onions, carrots, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, cucumbers, ... - excellent

Fruit - good

Livestock - basic


Brickwork - good

Rednreding - very good

Reinforcment - good


Event management, with focus on helping people who want know about children car seats

All house work

Driving licence for B1, B and BE category

Preparing technical documentation for customers

Investigating and initiating process improvement alternatives

Writing Investigation, Implementation, Procedure, Validation and Verification Test documentation