2012.07.01 18:08:11


/usr/bin/zypper --quiet install -l -y puppet

 List outstanding certificate requests:

puppetca -l

 List nodes:

puppetca -a -l

Sign an outstanding certificate request:

puppetca -s hostname

Remove all files related to a host from puppet cert's storage:

puppetca --clean hostname

Note: After remove certificate, remove all puppet directories from node

rm -rf /var/lib/puppet/ssl/*

Note 2: If no changes, should restart master:

puppetmasterd restart

Run interval (/etc/puppet/puppet.conf):

runinterval = 240
 splaylimit = 240

Realtime log (/etc/puppet/puppet.conf):

 autoflush = true

Tags: puppet | linux


2013.07.24 09:21:23

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